Common Worm Farm (Wormery) Problems


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  1. GLENN WILSON says:

    How do I keep the Worm Castings dry enough to harvest and wet enough for the worms?

  2. ShaneCultra says:


    If you have a multi layer worm bin then you stop feeding the top tray. Once the food/material is fully composted you put another feeding tray on top. Eventually, most of the worms will move up to feed and then you can take the composted tray out to dry. I usually put it on back on top and don’t have a problem with the worms coming back because there’s not much to eat. It’s takes a while to learn the art of the feeding the worms the correct amount so you don’t get everything soaking wet and kill the worms. Getting too dry is generally not a problem if you are feeding them regularly. Hope that helps a little.

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