The Benefits of Worm Composting

Vermicompost is made of …….well worm poop and a little decayed organic matter.  Worms can eat up to their own weight in organic matter A DAY!. The amazing part of worms is the don’t digest what the eat.  They merely eat, take the nutrients they need (which is very little), a release the processed matter encapsulated. The result is an unexplained event.  The resulting matter has 6-8 times more micro-nutrients than the original matter they ate. They also clean the matter of disease pathogens as they process the material through their body. The world’s perfect nutrient is created.

Worm casts are a chock full of nutrients.  Much more than ordinary soil.  Compared to average topsoil, worm castings have five times more nitrogen, 7 times more phosphorus, and 11 times more potassium.  The pH is also a perfect balance of 7.

All this leads to a slow releasing fertilizer that makes your yard greener, your strawberries sweeter, and your flowers more floriferous. To buy this type of fertilizer would cost you several dollars a pound and worms can make it all for you, right in your own yard……for free.

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