What is Vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is the process of taking organic waste and turning it into high quality compost using worms.  It’s a fantastic way to to take your household kitchen waste and change into something fantastic for your garden. You won’t realize how many food scraps you’re throwing in the garbage or down the drain until you start your vermicomposting project.  Just piling the scraps in the corner of the garden is a slow process that doesn’t take full advantage of the decomposition process.  Worms are food eating machines and then encapsulate the results leaving a slow release nutrient.

The easiest way to start vermicomposting is in a worm box.  It’s unobtrusive, doesn’t have to smell, and can be easily accessible. You can take most of your table scraps and even your paper and cardboard and turn them into garden gold.  Vermicomposting can reduce your garbage by a third and double your harvest in your garden.

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