What Type of Worm Should I Use?

Red Wigglers:


Red Wigglers

Eisenia foetida or Red Wigglers are the considered the best composting worms.  They are perfect for composting because they don’t burrow, thrive in high density, high numbered populations,  and feed on rotting vegetation and vegetables. As they feed, red wigglers can eat huge quantities of organic material, digest it, extract its food value and expel the residue as worm castings, which are very rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Red wiggler worms can can eat their body weight each day. They also reproduce quickly. They should double their numbers every 90 days or so.  As an added bonus, they are a tasty treat for fish

The European Nightcrawler:

Eisenia hortensis, or Euroworms is considerably larger than red worms and can also be used in composting.  They tend to prefer more moist conditions than other worms and move when it rains.  They are also considerably more durable than red wigglers when it comes to temperatures. Much more tolerant than red wigglers, they tend to take cold temperatures with ease.  They are also good breeders, even in a bin. Some say they don’t process as much waste as red wigglers but we think it’s pretty close

The Canadian Nightcrawler:

Not a very good composter.  Great for fishing but as active as a slug.  I would recommend this for your garden or to feed your fish.